¿Qué significa el nombre de Eliam? Origen, significado, sexo del nombre Eliam.

Nombre Eliam – masculino de origen hebreo. Significado de Eliam – Dios es nuestro pariente.

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  • Silene

    Stephen, 1st and 2nd Samuel are two of my faveorite books in the Bible. Rich with lenssos and insights. Full of intrigue, adventure and pace! I am in a ladies Study right now on these books again, and appreciate your introspection into David’s choice. God created men and women to respect, value and cherish one another. ANd Him. Yet we, like David, fall short. If even a chosen King, with a heart after God can temporarily lose sight of His God, how much more for all of us…yet by His grace we are a royal priesthood! His chosen people! Thanks for your thoughtful comment over at my blog (Beneath The Surface). I pray you continue to write for His glory! Proverbs 27:17! In His Grace, Dawn

  • Keegan

    I can see The Lord is preparing you for a wdnreoful Career of Writing and teaching Gospel truths to Many. May He give you great descernment in choosing your future Work in His Vinyard of the World. Perhaps you may be able to stay put and not have to travel after your College Career. He has Wonderful Plans as you WAIT on HIM. G Nana Gardner

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